Brent Holmes

Arts and politics data reporter


Brent Holmes

A journalist, editor and social media expert experienced in the development and execution of strategies to identify and reach specific audiences.


A Filmmaker Went to Fort Mac to Tell Residents’ Stories, and Then Everything Changed

“If you have a Canadian passport or residence, and don’t get to Fort McMurray to get a piece of the fucking pie, you’re basically an idiot,” a passerby says. He almost grabs the camera as he soliloquies about how one can make “a schizzle-schizzle-my-dizzle load of money” and then leave to live somewhere else.
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Brent Holmes

I am a data reporter, copy editor, and social media manager, who graduated from UBC's Masters of Journalism program.

I've worked as a reporter for The Globe and Mail, The Standard Freeholder, Discourse Media, The Tyee and The Western Gazette. I've also developed and executed social media strategies for The Georgia Straight, CiTR 101.9 FM and Discorder Magazine.

You can follow me on Twitter @BrentHolmes240 and email me at



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