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I Was Paid $400 to Wait in Line at a Condo Sale

Metro Vancouver’s out-of-control housing market has an absurd new gig for struggling young people. It was around 4 PM on a Friday afternoon when a friend told me her landlord, who worked in real estate, was offering $800 for two people to hold her spot in line for 15 hours at a condo presale in Port Coquitlam. This was an offer I couldn't refuse.

How Rejected Men Use Fake Tinder Profiles to Torment Women

Lack of security on dating apps put women disproportionately at risk. Morgan* woke up early on Thursday, April 21, a day intended to be spent studying for a final exam in a competitive program at UBC, to the sound of her phone buzzing. It was an unknown number. "Hey, this is Chris. Where should we meet?"

How party promises on child welfare in B.C. stack up

When it comes to youth in B.C.’s child welfare system, Russell Pohl thinks we need to act now and we need to act preventatively. “We definitely need to step up our services to families that are in crisis or potentially in crisis before their children come into our care,” says Pohl, the solutions facilitator and vice president of the BC Federation of Foster Parent Associations.
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Fact-checking the BC Liberals’ ‘accomplishments’ on gender equity

The 2017 BC Liberal platform cites a long list of “accomplishments” related to gender and gender-based violence. We fact-checked 10 of them, and found that most are best described as true-ish. To help us navigate the grey area, we turned to Vicky Law, founder of Equitas Law Group in Vancouver. She works in family, immigration and refugee law, and supports women who are fleeing violence.
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We analyzed the platforms of B.C.’s big 3 parties through a gender lens

Does British Columbia care about women who’ve experienced abuse and assault? It’s an uncomfortable question — we know. To answer it, Discourse reporters combed through Liberal, NDP and Green Party platforms, pulling out commitments to gender issues, such as ending violence against women. But we couldn’t do it on our own.
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A Filmmaker Went to Fort Mac to Tell Residents’ Stories, and Then Everything Changed

“If you have a Canadian passport or residence, and don’t get to Fort McMurray to get a piece of the fucking pie, you’re basically an idiot,” a passerby says. He almost grabs the camera as he soliloquies about how one can make “a schizzle-schizzle-my-dizzle load of money” and then leave to live somewhere else.
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Can We Still Trust Polls?

It’s been four years since the 2013 B.C. provincial election and pollsters still haven’t decided why the polls were so wrong. The NDP, according the polls, had the election won after 12 years of BC Liberal government. Eleven polls conducted in the final two weeks of the campaign all had the NDP ahead by an average of almost seven percentage points.
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Finding a future for the immersive potential of virtual reality

The potential for virtual reality technology to change everything from how people experience their entertainment to how they consume their news is only going to be realized when consumers actually get their hands on it. Eric Hine, executive producer at Vancouver virtual reality company Archiact Interactive, says that remains a long way off.
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Election sets riding up for a Kinder surprise

A friend and I mapped polling stations in a new riding during the 2015 Canadian election.
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Window air conditioner ban frustrates family

An air-conditioning ban at Cornwall and Area Housing Corp. had consequences for some residents.
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Life of a re-enactor hot, hot, hot

A feature story I pitched investigating what being a War of 1812 re-enactor entails.
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Deceased woman's home robbed in Long Sault

I interviewed a family about the burglary of their mother's house after she passed the night before. Every journalist will have to do a story like this.
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Brent Holmes

I am a data reporter, copy editor, and social media manager, who graduated from UBC's Masters of Journalism program.

I've worked as a reporter for The Globe and Mail, The Standard Freeholder, Discourse Media, The Tyee and The Western Gazette. I've also developed and executed social media strategies for The Georgia Straight, CiTR 101.9 FM and Discorder Magazine.

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